Does God Care About African Americans?


To some, it seems God really doesn't care about African Americans. After all, in His plain view large numbers of Africans were uprooted and forcibly brought to the Western Hemisphere to be slaves. Some died on the long ship journey; many were harshly treated and at times brutalized in what was called a New World. After enduring over 200 years of slavery, blacks in America suffered through nearly 100 years of legalized segregation which humiliated and unfairly consigned them to an inferior citizenship.

Now, in the 21st century, racism still denies many in the African American population equal opportunities in a multitude of settings and  has  helped  to  spawn  a  sense  of  hopelessness  and  futility

among the young especially.   Why has and does God let these things happen to black people if He cares about them?



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