The From Slavery To Victory Education Project has revived its Triumphant Living Today! Brand (TLT!) for the presentation of messages preached by Rev. Robert Kelley that emphasize the victory Christians have in this life through faith in Christ!  The recorded messages are proclaimed within the context of the predominantly Black American community, churches he grew up in and the then, St. Mark Baptist Church of Portland, OR he served as Pastor from November 1997-June 2011.  As a result, there is specific reference and application to the unique black American experience within the selected messages though, because they are taken from the Word of God and inspired of Him, there is also universal reference to and application for every human soul!  For this reason too, the messages of the TLT! Brand deal with many of the everyday issues of personal life such as hurt, guilt and self-destructive habits that remain very relevant in every generation and rob untaught and/or disobedient Christians of God's promised victory in Christ.      

     Such is the single message, Feel My Pain, as a Playlist example of the current TLT! Brand Audio Resources available to listen to or download free on our audio message platform at  It addresses the common human experience of emotional pain--heartbreak!  Many people wonder out loud, "If God is so loving, why does He allow there to be so much suffering on this planet?"  God is loving and cares so deeply about human pain, He sent His only begotten Son into the world to deal with sin its root cause!  He can feel our pain, but can we feel His?  Subscribe to the TLT! Playlist if you want to be alerted to new messages added specifically to it.



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