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A Tax-Exempt, Non -Profit Christian Corporation
Headquartered In Portland, Oregon
Federal I.D. #75-2052400

Your Support Will Help Us:

  1. Maintain This Web Site On The Internet
  2. Produce and publish evangelistic and educational materials
  3. Lease and remain in office space to house our operations
  4. Nationally re-broadcast the award winning From Slavery To Victory One Man's Journey Radio Special on its Juneteenth 2019 25th Anniversary 
  5. Produce a dramatic film telling the story of slavery and faithful Christian slaves largely untold by secular filmmakers

Becoming Part Of The Ministry Support Team!

If your donation is an annual gift of $120 or more, you are considered a partner of the Ministry.  When offered, partners receive discounted pricing on products, services and events.  If your donation is $119 or less you are considered a friend of the Ministry that gives a donation periodically.  All donors receive a Quarterly Report from Rev. Robert Kelley and an Annual Report each October that includes a financial statement.  Additionally, an end of the year tax receipt is sent to all Ministry donors.  For your convenience you can securely donate through our payment processor, PayPal below.  On the Support Type line, be sure to type in Partner or Friend. 


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